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Dr. Clair Beauchamp

Dr. Claire Beauchamp grew up in Burlington, Ontario and being true to her inner nerd, graduated with a BSc in Molecular biology and genetics from the university of Guelph in 2002. After some soul-searching and a life changing job as an ACA / receptionist at a small animal practice in Burlington, she decided to apply to the OVC and graduated in 2007 (yay Golden Grizzlies) . After graduation, Claire pursued a rotating small animal internship in Ohio. There, Dr. Beauchamp fell in love with emergency medicine and critical care and opted to stay in Ohio to continue her development in this area. In 2010, she returned to Ontario following her passion for emergency medicine and critical care. After more than 5 years of ER overnights, weekends and holidays, Claire decided it was time to transition to Family practice and found a home at a small animal hospital where she met Dr. Donna Chui and Dr. Larry Tung. Through their shared values of compassionate care, fierce dedication to never stop learning, and a wicked sense of humour, they came together to found Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital in the summer of 2016.

Claire has two amazing cats at home. Channy, a Ragdoll pirate that is now 17 years old and Roger AKA the fat man, AKA Monsieur Rogère AKA Raj who is 15 years young. Claire's dream is to someday own a small farm where she can have one of all of the pets to love and hold and squish. Until then her patients are her surrogate pets to squish and love and sing to.


Weird Facts About Dr. Claire

  1. She broke her neck after a horseback riding accident in 2016. So, don't stand too far behind her or she won't see you coming. 😉
  2. She IS NOT named for the infamous character of the famed Outlander series. She is THE Claire Beauchamp, original recipe.

What does Dr. Claire like to do in her spare time?

  1. Ballet / Dance.
  2. Horseback riding. *See above* 🙁
  3. Nothing: AKA TV, wine and pizza.


Dr. Donna Chui

Dr. Donna Chui was born in the6ix (back when it really was just 416) and grew up in neighboring Mississauga. After completing an undergraduate degree in Zoology at the University of Western Ontario, she was thrilled to be offered admission to the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph where she graduated in 2005 (yay Red Foxes!). After more than a decade of practicing veterinary medicine in the Greater Toronto Area, Dr. Chui founded Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital with partners and friends, Dr. Claire Beauchamp and Dr. Larry Tung.

Dr. Chui feels very fortunate to be a general practitioner for dogs, cats and smaller mammals including rabbits, guinea pigs and rats. She is invested in the human-animal bond and loves getting to know her patients and their families.

Donna's Pets


Fun Facts about Dr. Donna

  1. She went to a private all girls high school in Toronto where every morning started with singing hymns in the school chapel.
  2. She has an unreasonable fear of clowns and mimes.

What does Dr. Donna like to do in her spare time?

  1. Horticulture and gardening...don't be surprised if you find her talking to the plants at the clinic!
  2. Yoga, she's just starting out but finds that the practice of yoga is helpful for her body and her mind.
  3. Eating, whether it be trying out a new restaurant with family and friends or attempting a new recipe at home.


Dr. Martin Hamilton

Dr Martin Hamilton was born in Northern Ireland, before moving to Scotland, where he spent his school and university years. Growing up in rural Scotland, he worked at his father's vet clinic after school, and helped a local farmer milking cows during weekends, as well as spending spare time with his Labrador Retrievers. He was accepted to the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies in 2011 (yes, the name is real) in Edinburgh, Scotland, and graduated in 2016, before moving to England for his first job.

After almost 2 years of practicing general small animal medicine, as well as covering emergency work at night, he decided to move to Canada. Martin moved to Toronto at the start of January 2018 and joined the awesome team at Yonge Sheppard Animal Hospital, gravitating towards both the quality of care we provide, as well as the family environment of the hospital.

Martin's Pets


Fun Facts about Dr. Martin

  1. Scared of swans and large birds following an incident as a 3 year old.
  2. All of his pets have had a "Scottish themed" name - Clyde, Mac, Glen and Bucky (derived from a popular wine in Scotland).
  3. Dislocated his shoulder 3 times playing rugby before finally calling it quits.

What does Dr. Martin like to do in his spare time?

  1. Keeping up to date with sports, especially rugby, which he used to play throughout university (though no longer plays due to injury).
  2. Playing guitar, both acoustic and electric.
  3. Sampling all of the food and drinks that Toronto has to offer.